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​​​​​​FiberSplice-FRP Rebar Repair, Core Repair, Cut Rebar Fix

The Issue:  Overcut a slab opening or mechanical opening and cut rebar in the slab…..OR made cores and cut #5 rebar.  Now what?  How do we fix this quick without shutting down the project and costing thousands of dollars in potential delays? 
FiberSplice FRP rebar splice. 

Mistakes happen.  They happen almost every day and are in inevitable part of doing business.  But mistakes are costly. 
FiberSplice is designed to quickly, efficiently and effectively solve an issue that has the potential to produce costly overruns. 

An carbon fiber reinforced polymer FRP solution to fix damaged or cut rebar has a low profile, low weight and is a fast fix.  It effectively replaces the structural support lost by the cut rebar or core mistakes. 

How does
FiberSplice work? 

 Oh $)*#! we cut rebar on project X.  This needs immediate attention before an inspector shuts us down.

  • Call VaLetto Construction Corp to investigate measure and form a quick fix plan. 
  • Once the issue is discovered, VaLetto has available mfg design team to quickly make the calculations, come up with an FRP solution and be on-site, typically within 48 hours. 
  • We get the design and notify the engineer of record with our solution.  If  EOR agrees, he simply stamps the design and we are on-site in 24 to 48 hours to fix the issue. 
  • Result is little lost time and a quick, effective fix. Your project is back on schedule!

FiberSplice in Action:

Issue: While relocating gas lines client cut two rebar in slab.