Marine Environments
VaLetto also performs concrete restoration/reinforcing in the complex marine environments. Concrete damage can result from corrosion to existing reinforcement due to exposure to the elements, water or excessive use. The damaged concrete is demolished and repaired per ACI standards. Damaged steel reinforcing can be replaced using an FRP system designed to subsidize the lost steel cross section.

Cut Rebar and Core Repairs

Repair cut rebar, saw cut rebar, bad cores with FiberSplice.  FRP is a "splice" of the rebar.  FiberSplice will fix those over cuts or cut cores that need to be reinforced.  Cut rebar by mistake?  FiberSplice.  Simple and fast!!

Services-Certified FRP AppLicators


Concrete Repair and Epoxy Injection

VaLetto performs pre-wrap concrete repairs and epoxy injection to stabalize structures to be wrapped with FRP.

VaLetto Construction Corporation

Seismic Retrofitting

Thousands of buildings in Southern California are in need of seismic strengthening.  Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer and E-Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer are advance composite materials ideally manufactured with seismic reinforcing in mind. Seismic upgrades are one of the most common FRP applications.

External Force

In an era of ever increasing security FRP applications are being used by government, military and others to offer superior strengthening from either unintentional or intentional external forces.

Structural Reinforcing 

Concrete, concrete beams and concrete slabs can undergo tremendous forces as ground settles and buildings age.  Stress cracks can develop undermining the structural integrity.  FRP is used to strengthen concrete that is unsound, damaged or otherwise compromised by ground movement, fire, age or other forces.  


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